Facility Activities

Recreational opportunities are available year-round depending on your interest. Waterfowl production areas are open to hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, and nature photography.

Please check with the Refuge staff or visit our rules and policies page to view the restrictions.

Hunting is allowed on waterfowl production areas in accordance with state and federal regulations. Hunters should be familiar with all hunting regulations provided in the North Dakota Waterfowl Production Areas - Public Use Regulations brochure.

Waterfowl hunting is popular...

Fishing season is in accordance with state regulations. Fishing opportunities in the District are marginal but may include walleye, yellow perch and northern pike. There are no facilities for anglers and vehicle access is limited to designated trails.

Trapping is carefully managed to ensure safety and the sustainability of wildlife populations. Permitted trapping on refuges typically mirrors state regulations, and trappers who access refuge lands for recreation must possess state licenses and follow state regulations as well as permit stipulations.

Wildlife observation is available to visitors year-round on waterfowl production areas. Depending on the season, wildlife observed may include waterfowl, upland birds, songbirds, birds of prey, and resident mammal species. Waterfowl production areas are relatively small and wildlife observation...

Waterfowl production areas can be a great place to explore and develop nature photography skills because they offer beautiful landscapes, birds, wildlife, plants, flowers, insects, and other natural elements.

From bald eagles to spoonbills, from condors to puffins, birds abound on national wildlife refuges. Refuges provide places for birds to nest, rest, feed and breed making them world-renown for their birding opportunities.