Trail 1 

Trail Name: Tule Trail 

Open Season: Open year round  

Length: 1.5 miles 

Location of trail: Three-quarters of a mile north of East County Road off of Hunter Road.  

Surface: Compacted gravel 

Difficulty: Easy. Completely flat. 

Information: The Tule Trail follows an irrigation canal, passes two small ponds, and winds through several managed fields. There is a photo blind about half-way on one of the ponds. There are numerous interpretive panels and several benches along the way. 

Trail 2 

Trail Name: Stillwater Point Reservoir Trail and observation platform 

Open Season: Open year round 

Length: 275 yards 

Location of trail: One-half mile east of Hunter Road off of East County Road. 

Surface: Compacted Gravel 

Difficulty: ADA Compliant 

Information: The trail to the observation platform has several interpretive signs describing the history of the area as it winds through the salt desert scrub. 

Trail 3 

Trail Name: Duff’s Pond Boardwalk 

Open Season: Open year round 

Length: 200 yards 

Location of trail: About half-way round the auto tour route. 

Surface: Compact gravel/wooden boardwalk 

Difficulty: ADA compliant 

Information: From the pavilion, it is a short walk out into the marsh. 

Trail 4 

Trail Name: Paiute Path 

Open Season: Open year round 

Length: About 150 yards 

Location of trail: Just across from the Duff’s Pond boardwalk on the auto tour route. 

Surface: Compacted gravel. 

Difficulty: Slight incline. Bench at the top. 

Information: Trail has interpretive panels that describe the local Native American culture. 

Trail 5 

Trail Name: Service Roads 

Open Season: Open year round 

Length: Miles and miles….. 

Location of trail: Various 

Surface: Dirt 

Difficulty: Arduous 

Information: There are numerous roads on the refuge that are only open to refuge vehicles, but they may be accessed by the public on foot. 

Foxtail Boardwalk

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Photo Blind Trail

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Stillwater Point Reservoir Interpretive Trail

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