An image of a person taking a picture.

Nearly 12 million people visit outdoor areas each year to photograph wildlife, and national wildlife refuges are at the top of the list.  Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge provides excellent opportunities year-round to capture photos of alligators, waterfowl, warblers and many other species that call the refuge home. Several award-winning photographs have been taken on the refuge, so make sure you bring your camera.  There are five observation platforms found on the refuge. Goose Overlook sits atop a bluff over Dickerson Arm of Bluff Lake.  The viewing area is accessed by a level, 150-foot concrete walk.  Morgan Hill Overlook observation platform sits on Morgan Hill and provides perhaps one of the best vistas on the refuge, viewing all of the 450-acre Loakfoma Lake.  The Bluff Lake Boardwalk travels over a unique wetland and provides excellent views of the waterfowl, egrets, and other wading birds in the rookery during the spring and summer months.  This boardwalk ends at an observation platform.