Manchester 2 Island

Manchester 2 512x380

Manchester 2 Island
River Mile 396
Shoreline Perimeter: 2.4 miles
102 acres

This larger of the two Manchester islands has experienced significant erosion problems in recent years, especially near the head of the island where sand and gravel has been dredged by Carey Adams, Inc.. As recently as the 1980’s, a farmer owned 22 acres on the lower end of the island where he raised tobacco. During his time there, he claimed to have lost 40 feet and about 100 trees to the river.

When pioneers first arrived in the area, there were three islands in this group. The group of islands was referred to simply as “the Three Islands.” There is limited evidence that native Americans used the islands for anything more than food collection and occasional camps, but in the late eighteenth century they frequently used the islands to ambush pioneers coming down the river. The third island was located just below the larger Manchester 2. Over time, this third island disappeared, becoming nothing more than a gravel bar.

Island Access: Manchester pubic access ramp (Island Creek), SR 52, Manchester, OH