A smartphone snapping a photo of a bright yellow flower in a grassy field

Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge provides incredible open vistas to photograph, with the added bonus of abundant bird activities such as feeding, flying and courtship. Large mammal species are restricted to white-tail deer and coyote, although grizzly bears from the Mission Mountains will occasionally visit the wetlands to graze on sedges and hunt for mice and voles.

Please remember you are visitors to the Refuge, so restrain from disturbing wildlife. Do no use electronic or game calls, including elk and bird calls, which can cause stress on animals as well as disrupt opportunities for other visitors.

One of the best photographic opportunities is of the Mission Mountains (heights to 9,800 feet in elevation) across the main sweep of the Reservoir from the top of the dam (Ninepipe Road). The lighting in the evening is especially good as you will be facing east to the mountains reflecting in the water and have the sun behind you.

Please remember that the Refuge, with the exception of access across the dam (Ninepipe Road – no stopping at night), closes to all public use at night.