Group of hikers on trail

There are five short hiking trails on the refuge that include the Chestnut Ridge interpretive trail, Turkey and Bird Trail, Hunt-Richart Trail, and Wood Duck Trail. Old overgrown farm roads and lanes also provide wonderful hiking opportunities but are not usually mowed or maintained.  Refuge trails and lanes are often muddy so sturdy footware should be worn.  Ticks,mosquitoes, and deer flies are common in the warm months of the year so hats and insect repellent are useful. Visitors who want to venture off-trails are advised to bring a compass/gps device to keep themselves oriented to the area.  The best times to walk on the refuge is Spring, fall, and winter, but early in the morning during the summer months is also pleasant (before the heat of the day). Hikers should be aware of hunters being afield in many parts of the refuge although the desgnated hiking trail areas are closed to hunting.