Blitzen Valley Auto Tour
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Blitzen Valley Auto Tour


This 42-mile self-guided Blitzen Valley Auto Tour Route showcases the scenic Blitzen Valley, from the Refuge headquarters south to the historic P Ranch. The auto tour route primarily follows the historic Center Patrol Road built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) through outstanding features of historical, geological, and biological interest. The diversity and abundance of wildlife you see will depend on the season, the time of day, your speed of travel, and your observation skills. Please take care not to disturb wildlife along the way.

The full tour requires at least two hours to complete, depending on the frequency and length of any stops you make. During the peak of spring bird activity, you should allow at least a half-day to cover both the upper and lower portions of the Blitzen Valley.

Before you begin, please review the map provided on the Blitzen Valley Auto Tour Route. The auto tour can generally be driven in two sections, the north and south routes, and it lies almost entirely on gravel roads. Numbered signs will identify the stops and correspond to places of interest described in the auto tour brochure, which was made possible with the help of the Friends of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Please observe and follow Refuge Rules and Policies for your safety and to protect wildlife. 

Brochure Guide

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Google Map of Auto Tour

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Audio Tour

Guide Stops 1 - 10 (Northern section of the auto tour, Refuge headquarters to Diamond Lane)

Audio Tour

Guide Stops 11 - 19 (Southern section of the auto tour, Krumbo Lane to historic P Ranch)