View from behind a person that is looking into the sun and fishing along the waters edge

Fishing is permitted in Humboldt Bay and tidal sloughs year round. The Hookton Slough trail and boat dock are open to fishing; access to other areas is by boat.  A California fishing license is required to fish in Humboldt Bay, from the boat dock and from the Hookton Slough Trail.  Many species of fish inhabit Hookton Slough depending on season, time of day and tides.  Common game fish that can be caught in Hookton Slough include: Sharks, rays, jack smelt, greenling, starry flounder, English sole and halibut.  Fishing is generally best during the two hours before and after a high tide.  Fishing small pieces of squid or herring is often a successful approach to catching a wide variety of estuarial fish species.  For more information on fishing in Humboldt Bay and rigging tips, visit

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