White Tailed Deer - Patuxent

Holla Bend NWR is a bowhunter's paradise. With the exception of a youth gun hunt, the refuge's deer seasons are restricted to bow and crossbow hunters. This creates a perfect place for bowhunters to pursue unpressured deer. The 6,600-acre refuge includes bottomland hardwoods as well as 1,300 acres of croplands. There are good spots to place stands throughout the refuge. Hunters typically start scouting in the late summer or early fall to find the best locations. Unlike many refuges, stands here may be left up throughout the season. Furbearers may be taken during the deer season, including bobcats, coyotes, raccoons, beavers, muskrats, and nutrias. For spring turkeys, two youth gun hunts are followed by an archery-only season. While bagging a turkey is an extremely difficult proposition with a bow, the refuge does hold a large number of birds.

Hunters are required to sign and carry a General Hunting Permit. You can download one for free at the following link: Holla Bend NWR General Hunting Regulations Permit

Additional permits are required for Spring Turkey and Fall Deer hunts. Permits are $12.50 and must be purchased online using RecAccess. Visit the website below to purchase these permits.

Holla Bend RecAccess

Youth Quota Hunts: To apply for the Spring and Fall Youth Quota Hunts, complete the applications linked below.