What We Do

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service created a Conservation Partnership Area (CPA), an area within which the Service will work with willing sellers or partners to purchase or protect approximately 24,000 acres, which is the planning target for the refuge. Private landowners’ rights are not affected by the CPA or the refuge. The Service will work with willing sellers to acquire lands as opportunities and funding allow. 

Landowners have no obligation to sell their land or otherwise participate in the proposed refuge.

This is a long-term effort that may take decades to complete. The number of willing sellers and availability of funding will determine the timeline for completing the purchase of approximately 24,000 acres for Green River National Wildlife Refuge.

Are you a landowner within the study area who is interested in learning more about fee title or less than fee title land acquisition opportunities? If so, we would like to hear from you! Please contact:

Michael Johnson at 270-703-2964 or michael_johnson@fws.gov

Management and Conservation

This Land Protection Plan and Environmental Assessment (LPP/EA) identifies the establishment of Green River National Wildlife Refuge. The purposes of this LPP/EA are to:
• Announce the Service’s intent to establish the refuge;
• Inform landowners about the Service’s long-standing policy of only acquiring land from
willing sellers;
• Provide landowners and the public with an outline of Service policies, priorities, and protection methods for property in the project area; and
• Assist landowners in determining whether their properties are located within the project.
This LPP presents the methods the Service, conservation partners, and interested landowners can use to accomplish wildlife and habitat goals and objectives for the refuge.