Woman dressed warmly in camouflage and standing in marsh reeds aims a shotgun into the air

Currituck Sound holds a special place in Atlantic Flyway lore for avid waterfowlers. Rich waterfowling traditions and huge flights of ducks have characterized this area of the North Carolina coast for centuries. Many of the duck hunting opportunities, however, are private. Fortunately, hunters can experience this traditional hotspot through two public hunts, a general waterfowl hunt and a youth waterfowl hunt, held at Currituck National Wildlife Refuge. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission issues both hunts by lottery. Hunters are assigned blinds located on open water at the edge of the marsh. They are accessible only by boat, which must be able to negotiate shallow water.

Deer hunting also is popular at the refuge, and feral hog hunting is permitted in conjunction with the deer hunt. Youth hunters (under age 16) may possess a firearm in any deer hunt, provided they have passed a state-approved hunter safety course and are accompanied by an adult (age 21 or over). The adult must carry a valid state hunting license and a valid refuge hunt permit when supervising youth hunters. For information on waterfowl hunting or to obtain a deer hunting brochure see below.

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