Our Services

Cooperative Agriculture, Haying, and Grazing

To better accomplish our grassland management objectives, we regularly utilize agricultural practices to manage and enhance habitat for wildlife. If you are interested in grazing livestock, harvesting hay, or cooperatively farming lands on Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge, please contact Refuge Manager Paul Halko at (701) 285-3341 Ext. 102 or Paul_Halko@fws.gov.

Visitor Services

Visitor Center

Step inside our visitor center during normal business hours to learn more about our specific refuge. View the beautiful exhibits of native habitats and the wildlife that use them, visit our friendly staff, or use our public restroom. 

Watchable Wildlife Area & Restroom

The outdoor Warbler Woodland Watchable Wildlife Area, located on the southeast side of Arrowwood Lake, is a popular wildlife viewing area and offers an outdoor public restroom. Over 20 species of warblers and numerous other songbird species have been observed in this woodland. Waterfowl and shorebirds can also be observed along the lakeshore in this vicinity. 

Photo Blinds

Two grouse viewing blinds located adjacent to leks (the area where grouse congregate and display during mating season) offer great opportunities to view and capture the peculiar courtship rituals of sharp-tailed grouse from late March through early May. Blinds may be reserved by calling the refuge office during normal business hours.