Let nature be your teacher. - William Wordsworth

Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge is a living classroom for curious students. We offer Educational Use Permits which waive Refuge fees for school groups with an approved field trip curriculum focused on the Refuge. If your field visit is formally structured, with an approved course of study focusing on the natural environment and our role in it, the entrance fee will be waived. If your visit is primarily recreational in nature, an entry fee will be required. The entry fee is $3 per group of four adults, children under 16 are free. For more information about obtaining an Educational Use Permit call (360) 457-8451.

Suggestions for Course of Study

History of Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge  
What is a National Wildlife Refuge?
Why is it a Refuge; who established it and when?
Why does the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have rules and regulations for the Refuge?
The New Dungeness Lighthouse
Native Americans and the Dungeness Spit

Geology of Dungeness Spit
The Spit as wildlife habitat
How the Spit was formed
Weather and the Spit
The Dungeness River and the Spit

Wildlife of Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge
What birds are on the Refuge and when?
Mammals on Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge
Insects, snakes, frogs, and other animals of the Refuge

Plants of Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge
Woodland and forest plants, and how animals (including humans) use them
Plants on the Spit and how animals use them

Marine environment of Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge
Marine plants
Marine mammals
Other marine animals on the Refuge or in the surrounding waters

Library Collections

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