Notice of Funding Opportunity: Zoonotic Disease Initiative to Fund Wildlife Disease Prevention and Preparedness

The Zoonotic Disease Initiative is a grant program focused on wildlife disease prevention and preparedness. Authorized under the American Rescue Plan (2021, H.R. 1319, Section 6003.3), the Initiative will provide $9 million in available funding to states, Tribes and territories to strengthen early detection, rapid response and science-based management research to address wildlife disease outbreaks before they cross the barrier from animals to humans and become pandemics.

The highest priority for the funding is to increase organizational readiness and ensure a network of state, Tribal and territorial wildlife managers across the nation are prepared for zoonotic disease outbreaks. Strengthening partner capacity for wildlife health monitoring will allow for the early detection of diseases.

Notices of Funding Opportunity are open through 11:59 PM EST, June 11, 2022.

  • Grants for Tribes are open through NOFO F22AS00308
  • Grants for states and territories are open through NOFO F22AS00309


For more information, please contact Anna-Marie York,

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