Although one finds partnerships and partnering opportunities throughout the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, External Affairs’ Partners and Intergovernmental Affairs coordinates many of them, working with other federal government bureaus, and non-governmental entities and individuals. It also manages the Service's Environmental Justice program.

What We Do

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The Service works with other Department of the Interior bureaus, other Federal government agencies, and non-governmental entities and individuals to build a partnership-based approach to stewardship. Partnerships help us accomplish common goals because they:

  • Are part of our culture.
  • Combine individual strengths to accomplish missions.
  • Foster relationships, common goals and collaboration.
  • Build constituencies and broad-based community support.
  • Leverage resources to meet challenges and improve opportunities.

The Division of Partner and Intergovernmental Affairs (DPIA) also responsible for coordinating the Service's Environmental Justice Program and working with Non-traditional Partners and Communities.