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The Service's Headquarters Office coordinates implementation of the MMPA; however, our major efforts to conserve and manage marine mammals occurs in our field offices. The Service has field staff dedicated to working with partners to conduct population censuses, assess population health, develop and implement conservation plans, promulgate regulations, and create cooperative relationships.

Our Marine Mammals Management Office in Anchorage, Alaska, has the responsibility to manage and conserve polar bears, Pacific walruses, and northern sea otters in Alaska. Northern sea otters are also found in Washington State and are managed by our Washington Fish and Wildlife Office. Southern sea otters, which occur in California, are managed by our Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office. The West Indian manatee can be found from Texas to Rhode Island and into the Caribbean Sea; however, in U.S. waters, the species mostly occurs in Florida (the Florida subspecies) and Puerto Rico (the Antillean subspecies). Our North Florida Ecological Services Office in Jacksonville manages the Florida manatee and our Caribbean Ecological Services Field Office in Boquerón manages the Antillean manatee.

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Sea Otter

One of the objectives of the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) is to ensure species or stocks of marine mammals occurring in waters under the jurisdiction of the United States are neither permitted to diminish beyond the point at which they cease to be a significant functioning element of...

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The Marine Mammal Protection Act establishes a moratorium on taking and importing marine mammals, including parts and products. Defines the Federal responsibility for conservation of marine mammals, with management authority vested in the Department for the sea otter, walrus, polar bear, dugong...