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Service realty professionals support the acquisition and management of Service lands using funds from the Migratory Bird Conservation and the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Specialists provide the appraisal function for Service lands and waters happens at the Department of the Interior's National Business Center. 

The Chief Cartographer coordinates National Wildlife Refuge System cartographic activities. This includes all spatial data products, policy, systems and procedures produced, inter-agency coordination, maintenance of the hard-copy permanent master land status atlas, and provides technical expertise all spatial data matters that pertain to land interests, acquisitions, status and ownerships administered by the Service. 

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5275 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA, 22041-3803


The Chief of the National Wildlife Refuge System Division of Realty is the designated Secretary for Migratory Bird Conservation Commission activities.  

The Chief Surveyor coordinates Service-wide cadastral survey programs; serves as the technical expert on all relevant Service boundary issues on all Service lands; consults on land survey issues with Federal, State, Tribal and private entities 

National and Regional Contacts

National Wildlife Refuge System Realty Specialists provide:

  • Policy and guidance associated with acquisition of interests in land through lease, purchase, exchange, donation, withdrawal from the Public Domain or by management agreement.
  • Publish reports associated with the real property utilization surveys, disposal of lands or interests therein, including rights-of-way, revenue sharing payments and lands under control of the Service. 
  • Transfer of surplus real property to the States, approval of exchanges. 

  • Conduct land acquisition planning using the Service's Land Acquisition Priority System. 

  • Congressional requests and approval of reprogramming of funds, over-appraisal acquisitions. 

  • Coordinates the presentation of land acquisition proposals to the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission. 

  • Responds to external inquiries on national land acquisition issues.