What is an IQA Request?

If you believe information we have dissiminated warrants correction under the Information Quality Act, you may submit a request, formally called a "Petition for Correction" to have that information changed. 

Requests for correction must include:

  • a statement that the communication is a Petition for Correction under the Information Quality Guidelines;
  • identification of the FWS information or FWS information dissemination product that is the subject of the petition;
  • a description of how the information does not comply with the OMB guidelines or Government-wide Guidelines and how they are affected by the information;
  • all supporting evidence which the petitioner believes provides a persuasive case and all supporting documentation necessary to resolve the complaint; and
  • the specific corrective action sought, including (if applicable) temporary corrective action pending full resolution of the complaint.

Please contact Charisa Morris, Science Integrity Officer, if you have questions or for more on this process.

Requests and their resolutions will be available here for a period of three years. If you have any questions about previous IQA requests, please contact our IQA coordinator.