Oil Equipment Inspection Checklists

561 FW 17
Originating Office
Infrastructure Management Division

All U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) oil equipment must be inspected per the inspection schedule in Exhibit 1, Table 17-2, using the checklists provided by the Service, regardless of the storage capacity at the facility. There are two checklists—the first is for monthly inspections for all Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST), and the second is for the annual AST inspection. Only one checklist is needed for each inspection period.

In some instances, the equipment installation will not be typical and your Regional Environmental Compliance Coordinator (RECC) may require an expanded checklist.

Print the checklist and use it as hard copy on an inspection. The inspector should note any non-compliant findings. A section is included on each checklist to provide a discussion of findings. All non-compliant findings must be addressed as soon as practicable.

Retain the inspection checklists at the facility permanently.