Refuge Law Enforcement Medical Exam in Lieu of Wildland Fire Arduous Medical Exam

242 FW 4
Originating Office
Safety Operations

Refuge Law Enforcement (LE) Officers who serve in positions with an arduous wildland fire fitness requirement must complete the Health Screening Questionnaire (Form FS-5100-31) and pass the arduous work capacity test annually to meet their position's requirements (see 621 FW 1).

The medical exams that Refuge LE Officers must take at regular intervals fulfill the requirements for arduous duty wildland fire positions, so it is not necessary for them to take both the Refuge LE Officer medical exam and the Wildland Fire Arduous medical exam.

Officers must provide proof to the incident qualifications and certification system account manager that they passed the Refuge LE Officer medical exam before they can get an Incident Qualification Card for wildland fire work.