Recommended Core Curriculum

232 FW 4
Originating Office
National Conservation Training Center


1.1 Fish Culture (Basic) for GS-5/7 or new personnel.

A. Basic Biology for Technicians (technicians only).

B. Cold Water Fish Culture, Warm-Cool Water Fish Culture, or Pacific Salmon Culture.

C. Introduction to Fish Health.

D. Experimental Design for Hatcheries.

E. Water Chemistry for Hatcheries.

1.2 Fish Culture (Intermediate) for GS-7/9/11 personnel.

A. Working with Endangered Species.

B. Use of Drugs and Chemicals in Fish Culture.

C. Fish Genetics and Broodstock Management.

D. Water Treatment Processes for Hatcheries.

E. Managing Biodiversity.

1.3 Fish Health (Basic) for GS-5/7/9 or new personnel.

A. Introduction to Fish Health.

B. Intermediate Fish Health (Virology, Bacteriology, Parasitology).

C. One of the Culture Courses (Cold Water, etc.).

1.4 Fish Health (Intermediate) for GS-9/11/12 personnel.

A. New Laboratory Techniques.

B. Pharmacology for Fish Health Biologists.

1.5 Fish Management (Basic) for GS-5/7/9 personnel.

A. Principles of Electrofishing.

B. Principles of Fish and Wildlife Management.

C. Basic Biology for Technicians (technicians only).

1.6 Fish Management (Intermediate) for GS-9/11/12 personnel.

A. Fish Passageways and Diversions.

B. Fish Tracking.

C. Biostatistics.

D. Fish and Wildlife Management Planning.

E. Fish Genetics and Broodstock Management.

F. Working with Endangered Species.

G. Managing Biodiversity.