Licensing Stamp Reproductions

901 FW 4
FWM Number
Originating Office
Division of Bird Habitat Conservation

4.1 Authorization. The Service is authorized to license reproductions of the Federal Duck Stamp on products manufactured and sold by private sector enterprises and to deposit the royalties from the sale of such items in the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund. The expenses for marketing may be deducted from royalties.

4.2 Eligibility. Any private sector enterprise interested in marketing products bearing reproductions of Federal Duck Stamps may apply to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for a license.

4.3 Licensing Requirements.

A. All black and white and color illustrations or reproductions of the Stamp are prohibited except for philatelic, educational, historical, or newsworthy purposes in articles, books, journals, newspapers, or albums; or unless authorized through a fully executed (signed) Licensed Product Agreement issued by the Service.

B. Black and white reproductions of stamps may be the same size but color reproductions must be less than three-fourths or at least one-and one-half times the linear size of the actual stamp being reproduced.

C. The Federal Duck Stamp Office negotiates the Licensed Product Agreement for signature by the licensee and the Assistant Director - Policy, Budget and Administration.

4.4 Federal Duck Stamp Licensing Guidelines.

A. Background. The Service has licensed the reproduction of Federal Duck Stamps on a variety of products (i.e., lapel pins, belt buckles, calendars, wall plaques, decoys, commemorative knives and shotguns, as well as T-shirts, caps, computer software screen savers, mouse pads, cotton throws, ornament replicas, puzzles, prepaid long distance calling cards, clocks, ties, trading and playing cards, etc.).

B. Procedures.

(1) Private sector enterprises interested in marketing products bearing reproductions of the Federal Duck Stamp (prospective licensees) must first obtain and review a Sample Licensed Product Agreement stipulating the basic terms and conditions required (refer to Exhibit 1).

(2) All questions concerning the Sample Licensed Product Agreement should be directed to the Licensing Manager, Federal Duck Stamp Program. Using the Sample Licensed Product Agreement, negotiate the terms and conditions of an appropriate agreement for your individual company.

(3) Upon general agreement by both parties of the terms and conditions negotiated under step #2 above, two copies of a proposed Licensed Product Agreement between the Fish and Wildlife Service and the prospective licensee will be mailed to the prospective licensee for review.

(4) Upon approval, both copies of the Licensed Product Agreement must be signed by an authorized agent of the prospective licensee and returned to the Licensing Manager, along with the advance royalty fee, samples of the product(s) proposed to be licensed under section 18 of the agreement (unless previously submitted), and a brief overview of the marketing plan for each proposed licensed product.

(5) The Licensing Manager, evaluates sample products to ensure that each product bearing reproductions of the Federal Duck Stamp reflects positively on the FWS and the overall Federal Duck Stamp Program.

(6) Once the Licensing Program Manager, approves the sample product(s) and full agreement is reached on the terms and conditions, the Licensed Product Agreement is submitted for final review and approval by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

(7) When the final Licensed Product Agreement is approved and both copies signed by the Licensor, one copy is returned to the Licensee and the other is retained in the Federal Duck Stamp Office.

(8) All products bearing reproductions of the Federal Duck Stamp design(s) must be approved by the Licensing Program Manager, prior to distribution or sale.

C. Inquiries should be directed to:

Federal Duck Stamp Licensing Program

1849 C Street, N.W., Suite 2058

Washington, D.C. 20240

Attention: Licensing Manager

Telephone: (202) 208-4354

Fax: (202) 208-6296


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