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Information Resources and Technology Management

1.1 Purpose. The purposes of this chapter are to present the Service responsibilities for records disposal; and to introduce records disposal terminology.

1.2 Authorities. This chapter is issued in compliance with the following:

A. 44 U.S.C. 3302 (Disposal of Records)

B. 36 CFR 1228 (Disposition of Federal Records)

1.3 Responsibilities.

A. Director administers the Records Management Program which includes records disposal activities.

B. Service Records Management Officer (Records Officer) of the Division of Policy and Directives Management is responsible for the following.

(1) Provides information and guidance on the records disposition process.

(2) Serves as the liaison to National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

(3) Reviews records disposition paperwork for accuracy, completeness, and compliance prior to transfer of records to a Federal records repository.

(4) Provides guidance and assistance to Headquarters Offices which are closing, moving or reorganizing in order to ensure that records are properly disposed of.

(5) Reviews and updates the Service's Comprehensive Records Disposition Schedule (records schedule) as needed to reflect new program records or changes to existing ones.

(6) Administers annually a records inventory update to be completed by Headquarters programs and Regional Records Coordinators.

C. Chief, Division of Information Resources Management is responsible for coordinating with the Records Officer concerning the following.

(1) To determine the disposition of any new electronic records.

(2) To form policy or procedures related to disposal of electronic records.

(3) To purchase records disposition software or information systems with built in records disposition architecture.

D. Regional Directors are responsible for designating a Regional Records Coordinator.

E. Regional Records Coordinators are responsible for the following.

(1) Coordinate with the Records Officer regarding any proposals to modify the records schedule.

(2) Coordinate with regional and field personnel to effect the transfer of records to Federal records repositories.

(3) Provide guidance and assistance to regional offices and field stations during closure, transfer, or reorganization to ensure records are properly disposed of or transferred to a Federal records repository.

(4) Coordinate Region's update of annual records inventory.

F. Employees, who are primarily accountable for records management and disposition within their office, have the following responsibilities.

(1) Familiarize themselves with the records schedule to ensure compliance prior to disposition of records.

(2) Ensure that all permanent records are offered for retention by NARA.

(3) Coordinate with the Records Officer or Regional Records Coordinators to ensure that all records are properly disposed of in accordance with the records schedule.

1.4 Definitions. See Appendix 1 of this chapter for a listing of common records disposition terms.

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