Detail of Employees

223 FW 1
FWM Number
223 FW 1, 05/05/04, FWM 448
Originating Office
Division of Human Capital

1.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This chapter provides policy and procedures for details of employees.

1.2 To whom does this chapter apply?  This chapter applies to all competitive and excepted service employees in the Fish and Wildlife Service.  It does not apply to members of the Senior Executive Service (SES) and details of non-SES members to SES positions.  Details of SES members and details of other employees to SES positions are covered by 370 DM 920.

1.3 What is the Service’s policy regarding details?  We may detail you for any legitimate management purpose to meet the temporary needs of the organization. Temporary situations where details may be appropriate include, but are not limited to: reorganizations, abnormal workloads of limited duration, unanticipated absences, emergency work situations, pending description and classification of a new position, pending security clearance, or training.

1.4 What authorities govern employee details?

A. 5 CFR 300, Subpart C.

B. 370 DM 300, Subchapter 8.

1.5 Who is responsible for the policies and procedures governing employee details? 

A. The Director has overall responsibility for maintaining control of details to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policy.

B. The Assistant Director - Budget, Planning and Human Resources is responsible for ensuring that the details of employees in grades GS-15 and the details of employees to positions under Headquarters appointing authority comply with this chapter.

C. Regional Directors; Chief, Law Enforcement; and Assistant Directors will ensure that details of employees to positions under their appointing authority comply with this chapter.  See paragraph 1.12 for reporting requirements.

D. The Chief, Division of Human Resources develops policy and procedures concerning details for the Service and technically reviews the detail requests submitted for higher-level approval.

E. Regional Human Resources Officers and Chief, Branch of Headquarters Human Resources are responsible for providing guidance to supervisors and managers concerning the proper use of details and for ensuring that detail actions are appropriately documented and reported as required.

F. Supervisors will recognize the need for details and initiate actions to document the details of their employees.

1.6  Who can approve details?

A.  GS-15 Employees.  The Director approves details for all GS-15 employees.  Forward requests to detail employees at the GS-15 level through the Chief, Division of Human Resources to the Director.  Requests must include an SF 52 (Personnel Action) and:

(1)  Employee’s official title, series, and grade.

(2)  Position title, series, and grade of the position to which the employee is being detailed.

(3)  Organizational location of official position.

(4)  Length of the detail.

(5)   Reason for the detail.

(6) Whether or not the detail is reimbursable.

(7) Any other additional information concerning the detail that may be appropriate.

B.  GS-14 and Below.  Regional Directors; Chief, Law Enforcement; and Assistant Directorsmay approve details of employees in grades GS-14 and below.  For GS-14 positions, you must notify the Director prior to the effective date of the action via memorandum or electronic mail.  Details in excess of 1 year require the Director's approval.  Follow the approval process in paragraph 1.6A.

1.7 What are the definitions for some terms used in this chapter?

A. Detail. A temporary assignment of an employee to a different position or set of duties for a specified period of time. There is no formal position change. Officially, an employee continues to occupy the position from which detailed and keeps the same status and pay.  The employee returns to the official position of record at the end of the detail.  Details can be within the Service, to the Department of the Interior or other bureaus within the Department, or to other Federal agencies.

B.  Unclassified Position. A written statement of duties for which a position title, series, and grade level has not been assigned by an appropriate classification authority.

1.8 Do I have to meet qualification standards in order to be detailed? If the detail is to an occupational series for which the Office of Personnel Management has established minimum educational requirements, you must meet the qualification standards.  For all other positions, you do not need to meet qualification standards.

1.9 How long can I be on a detail?  You can be detailed to unclassified duties, and to positions at the same, lower, or higher grade in no more than 120-day increments.  Details that exceed 1 year require approval as indicated in paragraph 1.6.

1.10 Are there any requirements for details of more than 120 days to a higher graded position?

A. Details to higher level positions or to a position with promotion potential must be made competitively when the duration of the detail will exceed 120 days.

B. Beyond an initial 120-day detail, managers should consider the use of a temporary promotion, if the employee is otherwise qualified.

1.11 Are there any limitations or restrictions for details?

A. Except for emergency details, you may not be detailed within 90 days after a competitive appointment to a higher graded position, a different line of work, or a different geographical area.

B. Details may not be used to circumvent merit promotion procedures.

1.12  Are there any reporting requirements?  We must provide a monthly report to Congress on employees detailed outside the Service.  Regional Directors; Chief, Law Enforcement; and Assistant Directors must submit the following information to the Chief, Division of Human Resources by the 5th of each month. 

A.  Employee’s title, series, and grade.

B. Time period for the detail, including specific dates (avoid terms like “up to the present” or “for 120 days.”

C. Organization to which detailed.

D. Whether or not reimbursement is provided.

E.  A concise and specific statement of the purpose of detail and duties of assignment.

1.13 What are the documentation requirements for details? 

A. Details of 30 days or more will be documented in the employee's Official Personnel File with an SF-50.

B. Details outside the Service, regardless of the type or duration of assignment, must be entered into the Federal Personnel/Payroll System (FPPS).