Management Meetings

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2.1 Purpose. This chapter codifies Service policy on management meetings.

2.2 Policy. The Service will hold periodic meetings of the Directorate and key officials about current and pending Service policy, management, and operations.

2.3 Objectives. The objectives of this policy are:

A. To improve communications and understanding and develop consensus in the formulation and implementation of Service policy.

B. To keep meeting frequency, attendance, and costs to the minimum necessary to carry out the Service's responsibilities.

2.4 Implementation.

A. Directorate Meetings. The Directorate will meet quarterly to review the strengths and weaknesses of the Service's performance in meeting its goals and objectives; formulate strategies and priorities for the future; discuss the formulation, presentation, allocation, and execution of the budget; and address unresolved problems and other management issues of Servicewide concern. The first and third quarter meetings of each fiscal year will be held in the Washington, D.C., area and the second and fourth will be held at field locations. Attendance beyond the Directorate will be determined by the Director. The Director may also hold other meetings of all or portions of the Directorate, as needed.

B. Assistant Directors' Meetings. With the Director's approval, Assistant Directors may hold periodic meetings with their Regional counterparts. Such meetings will not be held more frequently than annually for any one activity. Joint meetings with more than one activity are encouraged. These meetings are for the purpose of addressing the formulation, implementation, or management of specific Servicewide programs.

C. Regional Management Team Meetings. Regional Directors may hold periodic meetings at field locations with their Regional management teams. Regional Directors are encouraged to invite Headquarters personnel to attend when relevant and appropriate.

D. Project Leader Meetings. Regional Directors may hold a Regionwide and activitywide Project Leader meeting(s) annually. Meetings should serve to improve communications and Service operations, clarify policies, provide training, and keep Regional personnel abreast of new Service initiatives and high priority resource issues of national significance. Assistant Directors may utilize these fora to present and discuss new policies or issues of singular importance to the Service, including policy changes, directives, future budget thrusts, needs, or priorities.

E. Limitations.

(1) The above meetings are subject to established budget allocations.

(2) Some meetings associated with conferences sponsored by others may require approval by the Director or the Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks. Requests for such approvals will be forwarded through management channels in sufficient time to secure approval before commitments are made.

(3) The selection of meeting locations, facilities, dates, and off-site activities will be based both on the management purposes of the meeting and on associated costs. Care should be taken to avoid any appearance of impropriety, conflict of interest, or misuse of Service funds.