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2.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This chapter establishes policies and procedures for use of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service logo and any of its sublogos.

2.2 What is the policy for using the Service logo? The Service logo and any of its sublogos will be used only for official purposes. You may not use the logo in any manner that maligns or denigrates the Service or any employee. You may not reproduce the symbol in any way that changes its wording or design elements.

2.3 Is use of the logo controlled through law or regulation? The logo is not in the public domain. Section 701, Title 18, United States Code, prohibits persons from the unauthorized manufacture, sale or possession of "any badge, identification card, or other insignia" of any department or agency of the United States, and forbids the manufacture of any "engraving, photograph, print or impression of any such badge, identification card, or other insignia."

2.4 Are there exceptions to the restrictions imposed in this chapter? The restrictions in this chapter do not apply to the:

A. Clean Vessel Program or Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration logos. Permissible use of these logos is covered in 50 CFR 85 and 50 CFR 80, respectively.

B. North American Waterfowl Management Plan logo, which is the property of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan Committee. Permission to use this logo is granted by the Executive Director of the North American Waterfowl and Wetlands Office.

2.5 Who has authority to approve use of the Service logo? The Director must approve the use of the Service logo for both internal and external uses.

2.6 Are there instances where the logo may be used without getting approval of the Director? Use the Service logo on:

A. Business cards that are printed for the official use of Service employees.

B. Plaques, gifts, or awards for presentation to employees, to non-employees who have assisted in fulfilling the Service mission, visiting dignitaries, or to foreign hosts of Service international delegation members.

C. All approved publications prepared by the Service in accordance with existing graphics and design standards. See 115 FW 8 for use of the logo on Internet pages.

D. Folders, pads, pens, or other items used at conferences sponsored by the Service.

E. Signs and exhibits designed, constructed, or commissioned by the Service for official Service functions or purposes.

F. Items associated with special events sponsored or co-sponsored by the Service.

G. International conservation projects sponsored or cosponsored through the Service's international programs.

2.7 Are there uses of the logo that may be authorized after review and approval by the Director?

A. Internal Uses. Reproduction of the logo on any garment, piece of equipment, commemorative item, or other object produced solely and expressly for sale to employees of the Service. For purposes of this chapter, "employees" may also include volunteers, members of the Student Conservation Association, retirees, and others who play a valued role in implementing Service programs. Upon assurance that the provisions of this chapter will not be violated, the Director may grant an approved nonprofit organization permission to enter into a third-party agreement with a for-profit vendor or manufacturer.

B. External Uses. Reproduction of the logo on any garment, piece of equipment, commemorative item or other object, or within a publication, or in conjunction with an event or other activity, when the use is essentially a public service and will contribute to the educational and conservation programs of the Service. This includes use of the Service logo by external news and entertainment media. The Director must approve use of the Service logo by persons or organizations outside the Service for educational or conservation programs.

2.8 What should I include in a request for approval to use the Service logo? At a minimum, include the following information for each request for authorization to use the Service logo:

A. Name, address, and telephone number of the proposer(s).

B. Full description of the item to carry the symbol, including (if possible) relevant drawings and photos. For cases involving entertainment media use, story board or script review is required.

C. Name of the organization that will be licensed to market the item.

D. Name of vendor that will manufacture the item.

E. Description of how the item will be distributed.

F. Assurances that no employee of the Service or the Department of the Interior will profit financially from the design, production, or sale of the item.

2.9 Who must review requests for authorization to use the Service logo?

A. For items needing the Director's approval, submit requests for authorization to reproduce the Service logo to the Assistant Director - Office of Communications. The Assistant Director - Office of Communications will review requests to ensure that the proposed use supports the Service's conservation mission and is consistent with other Service regulations, policies, and guidelines.

B. Submit requests involving articles of clothing, including hats, to the Assistant Director - Refuges and Wildlife for review by the Service uniform coordinator prior to forwarding to the Office of Communications. Since the Service logo identifies and distinguishes Service employees while on duty, the Assistant Director - Refuges and Wildlife will rigorously review proposals for the use of the logo on articles of clothing. The Assistant Director - Refuges and Wildlife will not recommend approval for use of the logo on garments that can be mistaken for a Service uniform item or that would imply the wearer is an on-duty Service employee.

2.10 Who approves requests to use the Service logo? The Assistant Director - Office of Communications will forward recommendations on logo use to the Director, who will either approve or deny the requests.

2.11 Is there an expiration date on approvals for use of the logo? In general, the Director will approve the use of the Service logo for a fixed period of time. The Director may revoke authority to use the logo at any time upon 30 days written notice.

2.12 How do I renew authority to use the logo? Submit requests for renewals following the above procedures for initial approval.

2.13 How do I obtain approval to use an emblem to represent my office, refuge, field station, etc.?

A. The Director and the Department must approve the use of all emblems or insignia to represent an office mission, unless they are authorized by statute.

B. Submit requests to the Director, who reviews the emblem for appropriate design, relationship to mission, suitability of intended use, and the need for further clearances required by legislation or Executive Order.

C. Before you can use the symbol, the Director must get approval of the Assistant Secretary - Fish and Wildlife and Parks and the Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget. See 310 DM 4.

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