Ethics And Political Activity

033 FW 7
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Originating Office

7.1 Redelegations. The authority delegated to the Director pursuant to 242 DM 2 (also published as 031 FW 2) as it pertains to ethics and political activity is redelegated below.

7.2 Financial Disclosure Statements.

A. The Director, as Service Ethics Counselor, is authorized to coordinate and oversee the conduct of the annual financial disclosure filing cycle. This authority may be redelegated to the Service Deputy Ethics Counselor (Chief of the Division of Personnel Management. )

B. Regional and Assistant Directors are authorized to identify positions the incumbents of which are required to file financial disclosure statements (205 DM 8.1A).

C. The Deputy Ethics Counselor and Regional Directors, as Assistant Ethics Counselors, are authorized to review and certify financial disclosure statements. This authority may only be redelegated to other designated Associate or Assistant or Associate Ethics Counselors.