Training Management

033 FW 14
FWM Number
Originating Office
National Conservation Training Center

14.1 Redelegation. The authority delegated to the Director pursuant to 242 DM 2 (also published as 031 FW 2) and 205 DM 8 as they pertain to training management is redelegated below.

14.2 Training Management.

A. Regional and Assistant Directors are authorized to:

(1) approve Government and non-Government training up to, and including 120 days, except foreign training.

(2) approve the attendance of employees in established, off-the-shelf, Governmental or non-Governmental training courses which have a fixed price and schedule and are open to all who meet the qualification standards, through use of a SF-182 (Request, Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training) without using standard procurement procedures.

B. The Assistant Director - International Affairs is authorized to approve foreign training.

C. The Deputy Director is authorized to approve all competitive long-term (over 120 days) training.

14.3 Limitations. The following authorities from OPM are reserved to the Director of Personnel in the Office of the Secretary, or higher:

A. Training (Continued Service) Agreements (205 DM 8.2I(2)).

B. Controls on non-Government facility training pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 4106(a) and (b) (205 DM 8.2I(3)).

C. Exceptions to prohibition of payment of premium pay for periods of training pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 4109(a)(1), 5 CFR 410.602(b), and Sec. 401(a) of EO 11348 (205 DM 8.2I(4)).