Personal Property Management

033 FW 12
FWM Number
Originating Office
Division of Acquisition and Property Policy Management

12.1 Redelegation. The Assistant Director - Policy, Budget and Administration is redelegated the authority delegated to the Director pursuant to 242 DM 2 (also published as 031 FW 2) and 205 DM 9 as they pertain to personal property management, as indicated below and in 310 FW.

A. Scope. This authority includes the following Federal Property Management Regulations (FPMR), as supplemented by Interior Property Management Directives (IPMD) (205 DM 9.1A):

(1) Subchapter A - General, 41 CFR 101-1.1.

(2) Subchapter E - Supply and Procurement, 41 CFR 101-25 thru 31.

(3) Subchapter G - Transportation and Motor Vehicles, 41 CFR 101-38 thru 41.

(4) Subchapter H - Utilization and Disposal, 41 CFR 101-42, 43, 45, 46 and 48.

B. Limitation. Any Service directives that implement, clarify, or supplement the IPMD system must be provided to the Director of Acquisition and Property Management in the Office of the Secretary (205 DM 9.1B).

12.2 Utilization and Disposal of Personal Property. Regional Directors are authorized to reassign and transfer personal property to and from Service and Departmental offices, obtain excess personal property from other Federal agencies, report excess personal property to the General Services Administration, and dispose of personal property including foreign excess property.

12.3 Acceptance of Donations of Personal Property. Pursuant to specific statutes, Regional and Assistant Directors are authorized to accept donations of personal property not to exceed $25,000 when such donations are compatible with Service mission and authorities and for which the contributor will receive no direct benefit from the Service. These statutes include the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act, National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act as amended, Refuge Recreation Act, Fish and Wildlife Improvement Act, Endangered Species Act as amended, and Fish and Wildlife Foundation Act, among others.

12.4 Reports of Survey. Regional Directors are authorized to approve Reports of Survey originating within their jurisdiction.

12.5 Removal of Vehicle Markings. Regional Directors are authorized to make determinations that is in the public interest to remove temporarily government identification and markings from administrative vehicles pursuant to FPMR 101-38.200(g).