Sustain Music and Nature

Sustain Music and Nature is a U.S. nonprofit that makes music a force for nature. Using the emotional hook of music and cultural sway of bands, Sustain generates new audiences for public lands. Sustain collaborates with land management agencies and produces music videos called Songscapes for national parks, wildlife refuges and forests, hosts Trail Session hikes and concerts, and produces a podcast exploring musician relationships to nature and creativity.

Sustain’s Songscapes are retreats that create partnerships between land agencies and musicians. Through the hospitality of host environmental organizations, artists are immersed in the beauty and history of our public land heritage. Musicians use this retreat time to create a song inspired by the land and their experiences, and then the song is shared with fans to inspire and encourage others to value public lands and build critical awareness and support for continued conservation and stewardship of wildlife and landscapes. 

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