Natural Heritage Program of North Carolina

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Top view of many Venus flytrap plants close to the ground. The leaves show a red inner-side and light green outside.
The Venus flytrap survey team counted or estimated more than 440,000 plants in 2019, primarily on public lands. In 2020, Venus flytrap surveys on public and private lands yielded more than 70,000 plants. Additional surveys yielded more than 250,000 plants on preserves owned by The Nature...

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Our hands-on stewardship and public engagement is often done in conjunction with state and provincial agencies.

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Here are just a few of our National Partners. You can view the full list of FWS partners, along with the regions and areas of focus our work together entails.

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Through our partnerships we are able to expand our capabilities through the inclusion of services in areas such as:

  • Grant opportunities
  • Sponsorship of grants
  • Cooperative Agreements

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