Friends of Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

Friends of Dungeness NWR

The Friends of Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge was founded as a non-profit organization to support the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in protecting the rich habitats of the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge and the Washington Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Complex. They provide support for educational, interpretive and outreach activities that will enhance public understanding and promote stewardship for these unique natural resources.

Partner Category

We often partner with non-governmental conservation organizations on conservation projects, whether it's to conserve identified species such as the monarch butterfly or to advise on land acquisition for conservation so that it has the greatest benefit for species.

Here we partner with a wider variety of other organizations on projects to meet shared conservation goals.

Other Partners

Here are just a few of our National Partners. You can view the full list of FWS partners, along with the regions and areas of focus our work together entails.

Partnership Services

Through our partnerships we are able to expand our capabilities through the inclusion of services in areas such as:

  • Grant opportunities
  • Sponsorship of grants
  • Cooperative Agreements

To find out more about how our partner provides services view our partner services below.