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Dancing Birds
Dancing birds Gary Davenport

Migration and Music - even the birds are dancing

Fall Migration! And that means we can expect the Canada geese, mallards, great blue herons and of course the Sandhill cranes will be stopping by the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge to take in some bugs, beauty and bluegrass.  This weekend marks the annual Birdfest and Bluegrass Celebration in Ridgefield, Washington.  Join us as we enjoy the beautiful autumn weather accompanied by the soft sounds of bluegrass music while we witness nature’s yearly transition with the sights and sounds of fall migration.

Birdfest and Bluegrass!

The iconic Monarch butterfly
Monarch butterfly FWS Image

Monarch Migration: A Tale of Two Cities

Monarchs butterflies have an incredible story to tell - and one specific monarch tells a tale of migration from a Corvallis, Oregon, neighborhood to the big city of San Francisco.  Much of a monarch's life is spent migrating between the United States, Mexico and Canada, and through several generations, that's a story of a journey that can cover more than 3,000 miles.  On August 30, 5-year old Amelia and her mother Molly released a tagged female monarch and it has now been found nearly 600 miles south . Read Amelia's story and learn more about conserving monarchs and what you can do to protect this iconic species.

Read Amelia's story in the Oregonian

Help Save the Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Joint Venture tells another story

Lets go outside - It's your Nature
Lets go outside - It's your Nature FWS Image

National Public Lands Day is also National Hunting and Fishing Day

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service celebrates National Public Lands Day by highlighting the millions of acres of lands within the National Wildlife Refuge System. Visit one of these beautiful places this weekend for FREE and observe the myriad of species that rely on this land for their food, water and habitat. Many of these species may be hunted or fished, so it is no surprise that this Saturday is also designated as National Hunting and Fishing Day. 

National Hunting and Fishing Day

Guide to Fishing on Refuges

Guide to Hunting on Refuges

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