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Construction at Wapato Lake NWR

Two projects at Tualatin River NWR and Wapato Lake NWR are dramatically changing the face of both National Wildlife Refuges. Brent Lawrence / USFWS

Tualatin River, Wapato Lake NWR Projects Bring Together Partners & Public

The Tualatin River brings together cities, partners and the public with Tualatin River and Wapato Lake National Wildlife Refuges. Both of the urban refuges are in the middle of extensive projects that will provide habitat for fish, wildlife and plants, and help provide quality drinking water for 400,000 humans. The projects are also strengthening long-term relationships with local cities and partners.

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monarch showy milkweed

New Native Garden Guide for Southwestern Idaho

Urban gardens provide important habitat for animals like birds and native pollinators. In effort to support these habitats in local gardening, The U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, and The U.S. Fish & Wildlife have just released a Native Garden Guide for Southwestern Idaho. This guide is intended to help novice gardeners create waterwise, wildlife-friendly gardens using plants suitable for southwest Idaho.

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Fishing opportunities increased at hatcheries and refuges

Public access opportunities have been expanded at 10 National Wildlife Refuges and National Fish Matcheries in the Pacific Northwest. USFWS

Public Access to Hunting and Fishing Expanded on 1.4 Million Acres Nationwide

Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt has announced new hunting and fishing opportunities on more than 1.4 million acres nationwide on National Wildlife Refuge and National Fish Hatcheries, including 10 in the Pacific Northwest. Seventy-seven National Wildlife Refuges and 15 National Fish Hatcheries managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are incorporated in the new rule and are now open to hunting and fishing for the first time or have expanded opportunities for new game species.

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