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The Winthrop Glacier on Mt Rainier
The Winthrop Glacier on Mt Rainier Simon Bakke USFWS

Consequences of Nature - Scary Stuff

Mount Rainier - the highest mountain in the Cascade Range and currently listed as a 'Decade Volcano' (one of the worlds 16 volcanoes with the greatest likelihood to...) But did you know that glaciers are among the most conspicuous and dynamic of it's geologic features? They erode the volcanic cone and are important sources of streamflow for several rivers, including the West Fork of the White River.  Read about one Service members's visit to the area and descriptions of the Winthrop glacier.

Article by Paul Bakke, USFWS Geomorphologist

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Beavers in the Pacific Northwest
Beavers in the Pacific Northwest USFWS Image

Leave It to Beavers

Did you know that researchers from the Pacific Northwest and Great Basin are working with the toothy, hardworking beaver to restore river watersheds under threat from climate change? The North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative (NPLCC) took an important step toward answering important climate change questions by funding the production of the "Beaver Restoration Guidebook", a comprehensive guide showcasing multiple ways that beaver can be used in restoration and management projects to benefit rivers, streams, and adjacent lands.

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Bats at Sunset
Bats at Sunset FWS Image

It's National Bat Week!

Bats are more than just Halloween decorations. These fascinating nocturnal animals sleep hanging upside down; they use sonar to find food and most importantly, they are critical pollinators.  Bats help us in many ways, like eating insects that damage forests, crops and humans! Join us in celebrating National Bat Week, October 24 - October 30, and help us in our efforts to conserve bat habitat, protect listed bat species and respond to the white-nose syndrome disease. 

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Bats Aren't Scary

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