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The American bullfrog can be identified by its green coloring with black spots and gold eyes

The American bullfrog can be identified by its green coloring with black spots and gold eyes Washington Invasive Species Council

No Bull (frog): These Guys are Bad News

You might be familiar with and even like these frogs. But these amicable amphibians are anything but harmless. Bullfrogs out-compete other native amphibians, reptiles and other species for food and shelter. Although native to eastern and central U.S., bullfrogs are an invasive species in the Western United States and are harmful to the ecosystem because of their large appetites. We are joining forces with our partners like the Washington Invasive Species Council to spread knowledge and stop the spread of invasive species like the American bullfrog. Keep reading and find out how you can join the fight!

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A European Green Crab

European green crabs can wreak havoc on the environment and the economy Pat DeHaan/USFWS

Don't Be Crabby: Join The Fight Against Invasive Species

Happy National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW)! We know that no one celebrates when they spot one of these creepy critters. But we're are excited to join forces with you and our partners in the fight against invasive species! Check out our claw-some blog on the European green crab to find out how to identify and report them. 

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Ridgefield NWR waterfowl hunt

A father and his 3-year-old daughter participated in the special waterfowl hunt for veterans and youth on Feb. 6, 2021. Juliette Fernandez / USFWS

Special Youth/Veteran Hunt Provides Touching Moments at Ridgefield NWR

Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge project leader Juliette Fernandez got up extra early on Feb. 6 to welcome some special visitors. Twenty-five hunters showed up for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's special hunting opportunity reserved for youth, veteran and active duty waterfowl hunters. That day created some lasting memories for Fernandez: "It was truly an inspiring day for me."  


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