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Volunteers and monarch advocates celebrate with a ribbon cutting ceremony
Volunteers and monarch advocates celebrate with a ribbon cutting ceremony Robert Coffan SOMA w/permission

Butterflies Find Haven at Southern Oregon Golf Club

Wildlife on the fairway can be a hazard of the wrong kind. Yet, managers of the Stewart Meadows Golf Course in Medford are creating gardens to attract them. By creating five 'Monarch Waystations', the 9-hole golf course in Southern Oregon will provide native milkweed and nectar plants to support monarchs and other pollinators. This effort, the first in the Pacific Northwest, will use best management practices to be responsible with water consumption and to limit the use of pesticides and fertilizer. Learn more about this effort and how our partners are providing a future filled with monarchs.

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The Rogue Wild and Scenic River in Oregon
Outfitters on the Rogue Wild and Scenic River in Oregon are prepared with permits for their guests. Zachary Collier w/ permission

Summer: The best time to just 'Go with the Flow'

Take a wild and scenic trip where you literally go with the flow - of the current.  This summer, explore the rivers, streams, valleys, channels and exhilarating rapids of America's wild and scenic rivers.  Since 1968, more than 12,000 miles of our nation's most impressive rivers have been protected in their free-flowing state.  Join us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act as you explore the natural, beautiful and constantly changing rivers and connect with the fish, wildlife, plants and people dependent on them.

Wild and Scenic Rivers

Shark Week
Shark Week USFWS

Welcome to Shark Week July 22 - 28

Few species promote a response as emotional, and occasionally irrational, as the shark. As an apex predator, shark species have a history predating dinosaurs and a diverse, intense following rooted in the cultural, scientific, and media worlds. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is committed to working with others to provide suitable habitat and protection to ensure this species is around for the continuing benefit of the American public.

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Sharks - the wonder of the seas

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