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Guam's Ritidian Point Beach
"We are pleased to have been able to work closely with the Navy and USGS to help advance our national security in a practical and meaningful way," said FWS Director, Aurelia Skipwith.

Service, USGS enter agreement with Navy to protect Guam NWR

USFWS and USGS have reached an agreement with the Navy outlining how to address impacts to the refuge and the associated brown-tree snake operations from the implementation of a Surface Danger Zone over Guam National Wildlife Refuge.

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FWS heavy equipment operators tackle challenging project in the dark on night

"Some folks were skeptical if we could do it. From our standpoint, it was not a problem. It was going to happen, and that is what we did." -- Gary Rodriguez, Facilities Operations Specialist at Oregon Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex Brent Lawrence / USFWS

Racing the Tide: FWS heavy equipment operators tackle challenging project

The tide was slowly draining out of Nestucca Bay, and it was still hours before the sun would peek above the horizon. The only light was from headlights of the machinery that was already rumbling along in the cool night air, moving dirt at an incredible pace. A crew of heavy equipment operators were racing the tide on the Upton Slough section of Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge on the Oregon Coast.

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Wapato Lake NWR

Wapato Lake National Wildlife Refuge is adding two bridges, which will allow for public access at this refuge for the first time. USFWS

Wapato Lake NWR Proposes to Open for Public Access, Waterfowl Hunting in Fall

The Service is proposing to open Wapato Lake National Wildlife Refuge to waterfowl hunting and other public uses for the first time later this year. This project will restore an 800-acre wetland, provide public access for hunting and other uses, and has involved a myriad of public and private partners to implement. This is part of the most robust expansion of hunting and angling opportunities ever proposed on refuges and hatcheries around the country, totaling 2.3 million acres.

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