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Endangered Hawaiian stilt at Kealia Ponds National Wildlife Refuge on Maui.

Endangered Hawaiian stilt at Kealia Ponds National Wildlife Refuge on Maui. Photo credit: Daniel Clark

DOI Announces $3.74 Million to 12 States for Species Recovery

The Department of the Interior announced that through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Cooperative Recovery Initiative more than $3.74 million is being committed to nine projects across 12 states to help recover some of the nation’s most at-risk species on or near national wildlife refuges. In the Pacific Region, the funded projects will protect endangered Hawaiian waterbrids on Maui and enhance the conservation status of the threatened Spalding's catchfly in Washington. 

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Cooperative Recovery Initiative Program

Historic coastal wetlands in the Pacific Northwest
Historic coastal wetlands in the Pacific Northwest KDrewsen USFWS

World Water Day and the Connection to America's Wetlands

Did you know that wetlands give us drinking water? The groundwater humans depend on for drinking and other uses is cleaned and purified by wetlands.  Bogs, marshes, swamps, and other wetland areas actually make our water drinkable.  As we celebrate World Water Day we also recognize the essential part that wetlands play in conserving our nation’s hydrology.  Learn more about the importance of water, wetlands and how the Fish and Wildlife Service is working to protect our natural resources.

World Water Day

Greater Sage Grouse
Greater Sage Grouse FWS Image

Spring is the best time to view sage-grouse!

March and April are the best months to spy sage-grouse on their leks. The greater sage-grouse is the largest species of grouse in North America and they live only in the sagebrush ecosystem. Each spring, male sage-grouse perform an elaborate sunrise display on communal breeding grounds known as 'leks.' The Service, and our partners at the Nature Conservancy, have set up a lek cam in Central Oregon. The new camera's are being set up now and will live-stream soon!

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