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Utah Ecological Services Field Office

2369 Orton Circle, Suite 50

West Valley City, Utah 84119

Main Office Phone Number: (801) 975 - 3330

Fax Number: (801) 975 - 3331

  • For direct communications to our office and staff, email is the optimal method.  
  • If you prefer to call, please leave a message in the general office voicemail (801) 975-3330 or in individual staff voicemails. Voicemails will be checked daily.
  • For all project submissions, please send the information to:

Other General Contacts

George Weekley

Deputy Field Office Supervisor

Josh Rasmussen

Fish and Wildlife Supervisor, Washington County

RitaMay Reyna

Administrative Assistant

Kate Novak

Terrestrial Biologist 

Rita Reisor

Renewable Energy Coordinator, Senior Botanist 

Lark Willey

Botanist, Downlisting/Delisting

Chris Cline

Contaminants and Restoration Specialist 

Garrett Anderson

Special Agent

Danielle Costantini

Fish and Wildlife Biologist

Amanda Holland

Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Sage Brush Ecosystem

Matt Lewis

Botanist, Energy

Dannette Weiss

Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Energy

Terry Adelsbach

Contaminants and Restoration Specialist 

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