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Two small blue fish in water

Recent count of Devils Hole pupfish shows increased population.

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Migratory Birds in Your Area

Information for the public about migratory birds and associated topics.

Migratory Birds In Your Area
Migratory Birds In Your Area
SNAP Team Out in Force at Aviation Nation-FINAL 12-09-22.pdf

Representatives of the Southern Nevada Agency Partnership (SNAP) met the public at Nellis Air Force Base on November 4-6, 2022, during the annual Aviation Nation spectacle on the base.

Two black-footed ferrets poke their heads out of black pipes lying in tall grass to examine the photographer
Here you can find resources from across the Fish and Wildlife Service about threatened or endangered species.
Mount Charleston blue butterfly Recovery Plan

Recovery of the Mount Charleston blue butterfly will occur when threats are sufficiently reduced or conditions improve to permit the population to increase based on the criteria listed in the recovery plan. Threats to the butterfly include the loss and degradation of habitat due to fire, fire...

Mount Charleston blue butterfly Recovery Implementation Strategy

The recovery actions identified in the recovery plan and the specific activities in the implementation strategy are those that, based on the best available science, the Service believes are necessary to bring about the recovery of the Mount Charleston blue butterfly and ensure its long-term...

Mount Charleston blue butterfly Species Report

An assessment of the biology, life history, and status of the Mount Charleston blue butterfly is available in the Species Biological Report.