Featured Species

Our Fisheries and Habitat Branches focus their work around salmonids, particularly Coho and Chinook Salmon. Of all the Pacific Salmon, Coho have the longest juvenile residency in freshwater and make significant seasonal movements between overwintering and rearing habitats. This makes them a great "design" fish for our habitat connectivity restoration work and a "canary in the coal mine" for issues like warming water temperatures. Chinook Salmon have been experiencing widespread declines across Alaska and are one of our major conservation targets. 

Our Ecological Services Branch focuses on Threatened and Endangered Species and Candidates for Listing: wood bison, short-tailed albatross, Aleutian shield fern, spectacled eider, Steller's eiders, and northern sea otter.  We also work on species at risk and those that are petitioned for listing, such as Alexander archipelago wolf and tufted puffins.