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The Panama City FWCO is the lead office for the Gulf sturgeon, Okaloosa darter, frosted and reticulated flatwoods salamanders, and 16 freshwater mussels.

Reticulated flatwoods salamanders are moderately-sized, slender salamanders with relatively short, pointed snouts and stout tails. Their heads are small and approximately equal in width to the neck and shoulder region. They weigh 1-12g. Their bodies are black to chocolate-black with fine, irregular...
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Three silver salamanders almost entirely covered with black splotches

The flatwoods salamander is medium-sized, reaching an adult length of 5 inches (13 centimeters). The body color ranges from silvery gray to black, with a heavily mottled back and a variable gray cross-band pattern. The underside is plain gray with faint creamy blotches. The head is small and has...

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