What We Do

As an Ecological Services office, we provide guidance and expertise to avoid and minimize impacts to natural resources for projects such as wind farms, hydroelectric dams, and large scale transportation developments meeting our society's growing energy and transportation needs. Our environmental contaminant specialists review project plans, licenses, and even proposed laws and regulations, to avoid or minimize harmful effects on wildlife and habitats. In cases of significant releases of hazardous waste, they work in the field to pinpoint sources of pollution and investigate effects, using this data to secure compensation for lost or damaged wildlife and habitat.

The biological research and innovative projects conducted within our office provide invaluable knowledge for our staff and partners concerning fish and wildlife resources across the State of New York.

Here are some of our focal programs in New York:

Conservation Planning Assistance

Education and Outreach (coming soon)

Endangered Species Program

Environmental Quality and Natural Resource Damage Assessment 

Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program