Resources from the Michigan Ecological Services Field Office


Monarch butterfly on swamp milkweed
This library contains a collection of materials (pdfs, word docs, excel docs, etc.) referenced in the Michigan Determination Key (D-key). This collection is specifically relevant for the state of Michigan.
2 plover chicks on beach on wet sand in front of wave
This collection includes documents referenced in the Midwest Region Section 7 Consultations Service page, as well as a break down of each of the steps.
An aerial view of newly replaced culvert on a dirt road in rural Alaska. Cars and construction machines are parked on the road above the culvert, and a stream of water cuts through the greenery of pine trees and foliage.
This library contains documents that facilitate collaboration with Michigan's transportation agencies, including our biannual transportation newsletter.
General Project Planning Recommendation Letter

A letter describing the general project planning guidelines for partners contacting the Michigan Ecological Services Field Office. 

View looking downstream a flowing river from a rocky bank, with trees on the far side.
This library contains a collection of materials associated with the proposed rule for the Endangered Species Status for Salamander Mussel and Designation of Critical Habitat. The proposed rule can be found at with the docket ID of FWS-R3-ES-2023-0058.
Information for Michigan Insecticide Applicators

The purpose of this document is to provide a resource about sensitive insect species for insecticide applicators in Michigan. Insect species are critical for a healthy ecosystem. Insects pollinate fruits, flowers, and vegetables, decompose organic waste so nutrients can be reused by plants, and...

Hungerford's Crawling Water Beetle Survey and Relocation Protocol

This document provides background and guidance for conducting surveys for Hungerford’s crawling water beetle (Brychius hungerfordi; HCWB) throughout its Michigan range. HCWB is a federally endangered species (59 FR 10580). The objective of these guidelines is to establish, with a...