Marquette Biological Station

Ways to Get Involved

If you’d like to get involved with sea lamprey control, you can find job openings and apply for employment at, find volunteer opportunities at or look for us at outreach events to learn more about what we do.


Our volunteers are individuals from a variety of backgrounds: students looking for applicable experience in their desired career, retirees willing to share their wealth of knowledge, concerned citizens of all ages who want to learn more about conservation, and passionate people who enjoy the outdoors and want to spread the word about America's greatest natural treasures. Please call or email to learn about future volunteer opportunities at Marquette Biological Station. Volunteers are always welcome. If interested in volunteering, please contact Shawn Nowicki by phone at 906-226-1216 or email at

Our Partners

The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is working with others to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people. In turn, we routinely collaborate with tribal, federal, state, local and non-profit groups to implement on-the-ground conservation projects that protect and enhance fish and other aquatic resources.

Conserving fish and other aquatic resources cannot be successful without the partnership of tribes. They manage or influence some of the most important aquatic habitats within and adjacent to tribal territories. In addition, the federal government and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have distinct and unique obligations toward tribes based on trust responsibility, treaty provisions and statutory mandates.


The Sea Lamprey Control Program plays an important role in communities around the Great Lakes. Through programs and events, we provide experiences to create connections between people and the restoration of the Great Lakes fisheries. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service works closely with the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and others to undertake a comprehensive education and outreach program across the Great Lakes Basin. Our staff attend numerous shows and events annually to inform the public about the Sea Lamprey Control Program. Please contact us if you are interested in our staff participating in an outreach event or would like us to visit your classroom.

Education Programs

Sea Lamprey Control Program offices located in Marquette and Ludington, Michigan, recruit for temporary biological science aid and technician positions beginning in December. Seasonal work generally starts in April and lasts through September.