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6/4/2021: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA Fisheries to Propose Regulatory Revisions to Endangered Species Act
6/2/2021: USGS, FWS Report Highlights Impacts of Sediment Management on Barrier Islands, Wildlife and Ecosystems
5/28/2021: President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Makes Significant Investments in Conservation and Addressing Climate Change
5/18/2021: More than $27 Million Announced to Fund the Protection of Migratory Birds Throughout the Americas
5/10/2021: Service Completes Initial Reviews on Endangered Species Act Petitions for Three Species
5/6/2021: Interior Department Takes Steps to Revoke Final Rule on Migratory Bird Treaty Act Incidental Take
5/4/2021: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Promotes Public Access to Hunting and Fishing in Largest Expansion of Opportunities to D...
4/29/2021: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Requests Public Input on Hart Mountain Bighorn Sheep Draft Environmental Impact Statement
4/26/2021: Yangtze Sturgeon Receives Endangered Species Act Protection
4/21/2021: Secretary Haaland Announces Nearly $80 Million in Funding for Wetland Conservation Projects and National Wildlife Refug...
4/19/2021: Margaret McMullen, 18, Wins U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 2021 National Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest
4/12/2021: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Seeks Public Comment Regarding Streaked Horned Lark Endangered Species Act Listing Status
4/1/2021: U.S. Government Launches Human Rights and Conservation Curriculum for Central Africa
3/24/2021: America’s Bald Eagle Population Continues to Soar
3/23/2021: Service Completes Initial Reviews on Endangered Species Act Petitions for Three Species
3/23/2021: For the First Time in a Century, California Condors Will Take Flight in the Pacific Northwest
3/12/2021: American Rescue Plan Provides Critical Support for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Programs
2/26/2021: Northern Spotted Owl Critical Habitat Rule Effective Date Extended
2/26/2021: States Receive $55 Million to Protect Vulnerable Wildlife
2/25/2021: $1 Billion Sent to State Wildlife Agencies, Bolstering Conservation Projects and Recreation Opportunities
2/24/2021: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Awards More Than $27 Million to Help Coastal Wetland Ecosystems Become More Resilient, B...
1/19/2021: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Director Aurelia Skipwith Steps Down
1/15/2021: Service Proposes Amendment to American Alligator 4(d) Regulation
1/13/2021: Service Signs MOU to Recruit, Retain and Retrain Hunters in Partnership with NRA
1/13/2021: Service Announces $7.4 Million in Grants to Help Protect Imperiled Species

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