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Indiana Bat

Summer Survey Guidance

A team of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologists, with help from interested parties, developed new rangewide guidance for conducting summer surveys for Indiana bats.


This Summer Survey Guidance can also be used for northern long-eared bat presence/probable absence surveys for the 2016 field season.


2017 Summer Survey Guidelines

2017 Summer Survey Guidelines May 9, 2017 (48-page PDF Adobe PDF icon)


Questions and Answers about Use of Standardized Spreadsheets for Reporting Bat Survey Data Adobe PDF icon


2017 Bat Reporting Spreadsheets

Instructions Adobe PDF icon - revised May 2017


Region 3 Spreadsheet (Excel) - revised May 2017


Region 4 Spreadsheet (Excel) - revised May 2017


Region 5 Spreadsheet (Excel) - revised May 2017


Region 6 Spreadsheet (Excel) - revised May 2017


Bat ID Acoustic Software

Automated Acoustic Bat ID Software Programs



Methods to Evaluate and Develop Minimum Recommended Summer Survey Effort for Indiana Bats: White Paper Jan. 13, 2014 (13-page PDF Adobe PDF icon)


Draft Acoustic Bat Identification Software Testing Criteria (1-page PDF Adobe PDF icon)


Glossary of Acoustic Bat Survey Terms



History of Summer Survey Guidance Development


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