Sea Turtle Survey on St. Vincent NWR

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Sea Turtle Survey on St. Vincent NWR

Intern Bailey Black joins USFWS Biologist Bradley Smith in a survey of turtle nests on St. Vincent Island.

Bailey Black
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Area of St. Vincent NWR affectionately known as Tahiti Beach.
Established as a National Wildlife Refuge in 1968 for the protection and conservation of migratory birds, St. Vincent NWR is managed to preserve, in as natural a state as possible, it’s highly varied plant and animal communities. The Refuge is comprised of two islands and two mainland tracts...
A large sea turtle swimming along a reef

Loggerheads were named for their relatively large heads, which support powerful jaws and enable them to feed on hard-shelled prey, such as whelks and conch. The carapace (top shell) is slightly heart-shaped and reddish-brown in adults and sub-adults, while the plastron (bottom shell) is...

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