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The Comprehensive Conservation Plan for Elizabeth Hartwell Mason Neck and Featherstone National Wildlife Refuges outlines the management goals and objectives for wildlife and habitats, public use, and administration and facilities on the refuges.

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Greg Weiler
Daffny Jones
Martin McClevey
Nancy McGarigal
John Rohm
Jess Lowry
Meredith Bixby
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Comprehensive Conservation Plan
A bald eagle on a branch.
Eighteen miles south of Washington D.C., on the banks of the Potomac River, lies a peninsula known as Mason Neck. Here, on February 1, 1969, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service created the first national wildlife refuge established specifically for the protection of our nation’s symbol, the bald...
A view of the Occoquan River at Featherstone NWR
Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge is a 325 acre sanctuary of upland forest and freshwater tidal marsh, which provides critical habitat for migratory birds, wintering waterfowl, and a variety of mammalian species. Currently the refuge is only accessible by non-motorized watercraft.