Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge Hunting Regulations

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Barry Owens kneels with his grandson Daniel Verdin who harvested the 8 point buck shown in the photo.

The hunt brochure and permit provides maps and general hunting regulations for Rail hunts in the rail hunting salt marsh salt marsh
Salt marshes are found in tidal areas near the coast, where freshwater mixes with saltwater.

Learn more about salt marsh
areas shown on the map and Archery Deer Hunts on Bulls Island

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Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, extending 22 miles along the South Carolina Coast, is a rich mosaic of barrier islands with forest and ponds, vast salt marshes and intricate waterways. This diverse and dynamic system supports over 293 bird species and a myriad of other wildlife. Over fifty...
The Hunter Education Program provides grant funds to the states and insular areas fish and wildlife agencies for projects to provide instruction in firearm and archery safety, wildlife management, conservation, ethics, game laws, outdoor survival and wilderness first aid. The goal is to teach...
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