About this Collection

Data for each administrative Flyway (Atlantic, Mississippi, Central, and Pacific) is summarized and provided in Flyway-specific reports called "data books." These data books include summaries of species- and population-specific abundances, harvests, and other important information derived from State-Federal Cooperative monitoring programs.

These monitoring programs such as the Harvest Information Program, the Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey, the Mid-winter Waterfowl Survey, and other surveys are used to assess the status and harvests of hunted webbed and webless game birds. Although data books detail estimates for their respective flyway, all books contain some summarized data for the other 3 flyways. These books are intended as a quick-access point for providing responses to inquiries from agency personnel, the media, and the public. They are produced annually (early fall) and the most current versions are posted in this collection.