About this Collection

Interested in seeing Federal Duck Stamps through the years? Browse our online stamp gallery and see how production techniques have changed the look - but not the conservation purpose - of the Federal Duck Stamp. You can also learn about the artists responsible for these miniature masterpieces.

Images of the stamp are copyrighted. To use the image on a product that will be produced and sold, you must apply for, and be accepted as, a Licensee.

A special note for Duck Stamp collectors: The Duck Stamp Collection, originally printed in a loose-leaf, hole-punched format for sale through the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), can no longer be purchased through the GPO. However, individual web pages for each duck stamp (equivalent to the sheets produced annually) may be printed from this site.

If you are interested in seeing Junior Duck Stamps, we have a gallery of those, as well.

For more information about Federal Duck Stamps, contact Suzanne Fellows.