Facility Activities

Fish Viewing

There are always fish to view on-site at Eagle Creek!

Depending on the time of year, you can see salmon eggs, sac-fry, or fry in our nursery (January-March), fry or fingerlings in the outside raceways (April-March), or adults that have returned from the ocean in the adult ponds...

Education Programs

We welcome groups of all sizes to the hatchery! Fall is a great time to bring school groups for a visit to see adult coho salmon, view spawning operations, and better understand the role hatcheries play. Please call the hatchery at 503-630-6270 to schedule a tour. 


Hatcheries are located in beautiful areas just waiting to be photographed! We are no exception, our forested area along Eagle Creek is prime for picture taking, come and visit!


Being located along the banks of Eagle Creek, birding opportunities abound! We also have an extensive Native Pollinator Garden that brings an abundance of birds to the hatchery!

Painting and Drawing

The hatchery is located on the beautiful Eagle Creek surrounded by a lush forest setting...the perfect place to paint. We also offer an array of Native Pollinator Gardens filled with native shrubs, trees, and flowers. These are a natural attractant for a variety of birds and...

 Wild Edible Foraging

We have specifically planted native plants that provide berries for animals and humans! Our latest gardens are reclaimed troughs from the hatchery, we have used these to plant blueberries and strawberries for visitors. Stop in and taste your way around our gardens....