Volunteering opportunities fall into categories:

Direct volunteering:

  • Fish care-taking: cleaning raceways, moving fish, scrubbing tanks, fixing aquaculture equipment, feeding fish
  • Grounds upkeep: pulling weeds, support developing native flora, fence repair, cement patching, fiberglass projects
  • Outreach: providing visitor tours, helping with group events including education, kids games, community interaction, social media updates

Organizational support

  • Develop opportunities to increase community support, grow social media experiences, increase the number or size of hatchery events
  • Work with the larger goals of the USFWS to enhance cooperation with entities such as conservation and education efforts with students, teachers, schools and universities

Friend's group

  • Joining and supporting the hatchery Friend's group is the most impactful way to be a part of Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery's success. Friend's groups are a huge part of why national fish hatcheries continue to exist, providing tangible results in efforts to maintain or recover at-risk species, provide value to outdoor recreation that might otherwise be lost and focus science efforts into various biological advancement fields.
  • The first steps for anyone interested in joining the hatchery friend's group is to get involved through volunteering. Any prior skillsets such as legal, admin, book-keeping, organization, education, aquaculture/agriculture, trade-skills, and any unique personality contributions are all highly sought after for the legacy of the Friends of Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery.

October 2022 Friends Group