Wild Wednesday

Wild Wednesdays: 10:00 am & 1:00 pm June -August. Explore the world of nature with your child during this hour long adventure geared for 3-7 yr olds. Meet at Discovery Center. Space is limited, please register through the Friends of Tamarac webpage: tamaracfriends.org or the Facebook events. 

Topics through the summer include: 

June 8:  Puppet Show: Why do you like Tamarac?

June 15:  Skunk Scents

June 22:  Loony for Loons with Scott Rykken, author of Once Upon a Loon

June 29:  Honking Honkers

July 6:  Soaring Eagles

July 13:  Which One is the Bunny?  

July 20:  Whose Track is This?

July 27:  Fishy Fishy in the Brook    

August 3:  Rascally Raccoons

August 10:  Busy Buzzing Bees with harpist Tamie Jensen

August 17:  Fun with Leaves

August 24:  Prickly Porcupines

August 31:  Puppet Show, Activity Stations, Games and Dilly Bars!